A mans guide to packing

A Gentleman’s Guide to Packing

July 18, 2013 
The jet-set gentleman understands the importance of a sound packing regime. While the ability to pack ligh…
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statement mens socks

Show Some Ankle | Statement Socks

July 4, 2013 
You may have given little thought to the humble sock as a piece of arsenal in your style artillery. Stuffer of…
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elbow patch mens

The Bends | Embrace the Elbow Patch

June 27, 2013 
Once purely the domain of college professors and tramps, the elbow patch is now a sought after addition to win…
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etro pocket square

The Finer Points | Etro Pocket Squares

April 24, 2013 
The pocket square is the gentleman’s origami, and the fold is all important. How you choose to wear your…
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How to tie a bow tie

How To Tie A Bow Tie

December 18, 2012 
It’s not exactly a one-handed-while-driving-job, but it isn’t rocket science either. An 8 step process to…
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canali boutique brisbane

Mr. Paolo Canali Opens Brisbane Boutique

November 2, 2012 
In mid October, we were fortunate enough to have Mr. Paolo Canali, director of Canali menswear, join us from I…
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