April 12, 2017

The tie is an exclamation point! A decisive conclusion to a sartorial sentence in search of a timbre. Individual threads form colours, motifs and patterns that speak volumes. Flourishes of personality, predilection, temperament, identity – exposed for all the world to see. The tie is pure expression. Period.

Thousands of threads of the finest silk intersect, evolving into something rich and textured, knotted into existence by automated systems as artistry and technology come together. In a blur of mechanical activity, a series of familiar shapes and patterns emerge.

The iconic angular lines of the tie are first carefully stenciled after which the Canali logo lining is joined to the fabric with great precision. Internal seams are then expertly ironed, completing work on the inner structure before inverting the tie and focusing on the outer surface.

The Canali label, a seal of excellence, is the final touch. The tie is ready to be exhibited, looping back to where it began, the story finishing as it started – with a bold exclamation point crafted to perfection.

Watch the film.

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